Below are some popular, legitimate home businesses I recommend.

Start your own daycare business


A step by step guide to success, created by successful day care operators, this manual guides you through each essential stage of opening, operating and growing a successful daycare business.

You'll be able to draw on more than 100 combined years of industry experience covering every conceivable topic in the daycare field. Click here for details.


Start a cleaning business

Step-by-step guidance for starting your own successful cleaning service. No other book is this detailed in giving you the needed information on starting a house cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning or other type of cleaning business. Click here for details.

$54,000 part-time in your own office cleaning business.

Instant Office Cleaning Kit. Click here for details.

Emergency cash generators

Raise money quickly. Click here.

Medical transcription at home


My friend Michelle has helped many people start their own medical transcription business. She can help you too! Click here for details.


How to become a virtual assistant


Virtual Assistance is a rapidly growing industry.

A Virtual Assistant provides administrative support to local and long-distance clients via the Internet, telephone, fax, and email.

This book will give you a roadmap to start your Virtual Assistant Practice. Click here for details.


selling other people's stuff

Read the amazing story of how one women with no previous business experience earns $400+/year selling other peopl'e stuff online. To learn exactly how she does it, click here.

Freelance secrets

Why some freelancers are always profitable and how you can be, too. Click here for details.

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