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Avoid Typing Scams
Promising Typing Work At home

Avoid Typing Scams Promising Typing Work At Home

Don't fall for typing scams promising you typing work at home. Some ads mention that they outsource work to companies looking for typists, word processors, or secretaries working from home. They may promise that they will give you a list of companies looking for typists, word processors, or secretaries to work from home.

The ads may read like this:

"Make $500 a Week Typing at Home,
Make $3000 a Month from Home with Your Computer,
Earn Cash as a Home Typist,
Home Typing Jobs, Home Typists Wanted"
or something similar.

The advertisement implies that the company will provide you with typing jobs. These listings are usually scams. When you get the package, you'll find out that the company you bought the package from does NOT provide typing jobs. What you'll get is a listing of companies with addresses and phone numbers in your whole state. Most of the companies don't even know they are listed on those lists.

Here's different kinds of typing scams.

Typing Scam 1. To get typing work, you'll have to pay an application processing fee. After paying the fee, instead of getting typing work, you'll get a listing of companies with addresses and phone numbers.

Typing Scam 2. They'll ask money before giving you details about the work.

Typing Scam 3. They'll ask a fee for a software program you need to do the work.

The problems

  • The advertising implies that the company will provide you with typing jobs but they don't. The advertising is misleading because the company does not provide you with typing work as the advertisement implies.
  • You have to contact those companies and solicit typing work. The advertising claims that the companies on the list have typing jobs available but they don't.
  • The company providing the list has no connection to the companies listed on the list. There are no guarantees that those companies need typing services from outside typists or word processors. If you'll contact the companies on the list, you'll find that they don't know anything about this list and they are not hiring typists or word processors.
  • The list covers your whole state. Most of the typing work will usually come from companies within a 5 to 10 mile radius. You don't want to target your whole state.
  • The package you'll receive doesn’t provide a name, address, or phone number making it difficult to get a refund.

Some facts

• Most companies won't hire employees to type from home.
• Most people who get telecommuting jobs have first worked in the company's office.
• Companies providing typing work will usually let you do the work with a major word processing program such as Microsoft Word. You should not have to buy a specialized program.

Here are better ways to finding typing work

  • Compile your own listing of targeted, local prospects for typing work in your local Yellow Pages. By compiling your own listing of prospects, you can target the kinds of businesses you want to work with in and to those you are the most profitable.
  • Libraries can provide you with a current, computerized database you can target by zip code, industry, income, and number of employees.
  • Contact temp agencies in your area to get word processing and data entry jobs.
  • Look for work in the employment section of your local newspaper.
  • Go to and other real employment listings on the internet.
  • Promote your typing services at
  • Start your own secretarial or transcription business.

Don't spend your money on scams. Avoid business opportunity ads promoting typing work in magazines, newspapers, and on the Internet. These ads are usually scams and do NOT provide typing jobs.

You Can Make Money Typing at Home

Here's the good news. You CAN make $500 a week typing at home.

How to Really Make Money Typing at Home

The best way to get typing work from home is to start a secretarial or transcription business and get your own clients.

There is a real demand for secretarial services. Secretarial services provide word processing, transcription, data entry, and miscellaneous office support services.

I've ran my own secretarial business for 13 years and have many friends who operate their secretarial business from home and make a full-time income. Some have been providing their secretarial services for over 20 years.

The Secretarial Business-In-A-Box will NOT provide typing work. It does NOT provide lists of companies who have typing work. Instead, it helps you start your own secretarial or typing business. It gives the following information:

  • How to get clients.
  • What kind of clients have typing needs and outsource typing work.
  • What kind of business are your best prospects and provide large typing jobs.
  • What typing projects are in demand and what services you can offer in your secretarial business.

Plus, it provides the tools you need to be successful, including postcards and sales letters to promote your business and keep your name in front of your clients and prospects.

Instead of spending your money on scam like the above, get information about starting a typing business that will really help you.

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